The program is normally to be completed within 3 to 5 years based on requirement of 84 credits (1 credit=15 contact hours). All students will be required to complete course work equivalent to 24 credits and thesis writing of 60 credits as given below.

I. Research Methodology Perspective (7 credits):
- Research Design & Data Collection (2 credit)
- Qualitative Research Methods in Management (2 credit)
- Data Analysis & Interpretation (2 credit)
- Communication for Management Research (1 credit)

II. Knowledge Building Perspective (14 credits):
- Theories and Models of Markets (2 credit)
- Advanced Strategic Management (2 credit)
- Advanced Strategic Management of Technology (2 credit)
- Advanced Corporate Finance (2 credit)
- Advanced Management Control System (2 credit)
- Advanced Marketing Management (2 credit)
- Advanced Organization Behaviour and Development (2 credit)

III. Research Specialisation Perspective (3 credits):
A 3-credit advanced course or special study in the area of specialization. The Course or special study will be tailor-made to participant's research focus, and will require understanding and critical review of the theories and research in the field of specialisation. The student will be required to prepare a Review Paper based on published research papers.

IV. Dissertation Writing (60 credits):
This segment will include writing and defending of thesis proposal, forming thesis advisory committee, and completing and defending thesis.

Course Delivery:

The courses are offered in seminar mode and in modular form. Both in-class contact and extensive use of online interaction will be involved in teaching and learning each course.


Each participant will be supervised by a committee of faculty members. Committee may also consist of external experts, including highly experienced industry professionals.

Participants must defend the dissertation proposal within one semester (about 6 months) of completing the course work. The writing and defending of a dissertation is a must. As per AIT practice, thesis will be sent for evaluation to external examiner. The final defense of the dissertation will take place once the participant has completed all requirements of the program and has maintained a minimum average grade point of 3.50.


Graduation requires successful defense of dissertation. Further, based on the dissertation, graduation also requires completion of one publishable quality comprehensive case with a teaching note accepted by a reputable case clearing house or peer reviewed journal that publishes management cases. Alternatively, the student may publish a research article in refereed professional journal.


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