Mission and Vision: The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is a doctoral program for senior professional managers/administrators. It combines coursework and research investigations. The mission of the DBA Program is to create the body of knowledge embedded in practice, and the ultimate vision is to develop and disseminate management theories, grounded in the Asian business practices and experiences, including case studies and industry analyses.


  • To enhance leadership and strategic skills of DBA candidates.
  • To enable DBA participants to analyze and refine management practices and create additional value for their organizations.
  • To help DBA participants to acquire advanced management research skills and holistic knowledge of strategic issues in order to lead and manage organizations more effectively and in socially responsible ways.
  • To prepare DBA participants to carry out research in organizational context based on their practical experiences and translating it to management theories.

Focus: The DBA Program equips participants will research skills and methodologies and provide opportunities to carry out holistic research, integrating seven management areas:

  1. Market Models
  2. Strategy
  3. Technology
  4. Management Control
  5. Marketing
  6. Organization Behaviour
  7. Finance

A participant can carry out research in any one area integrating it with strategic management and other managerial functions.


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