1. If the courses will be offered in the evenings of weekdays or Saturday, normally, how many hours/courses will be allocated per week?
It depends on how many credits the students would like to take. One credit requires 15 hours of teaching. For example, if you take 9 credits, you will need to attend 9 hours of classes a week for 15 weeks. If you take 6 credits, you will need to attend 6 hours of classes a week for 15 weeks. The total required credits for the course work are 24 for applicants with MBA or EMBA qualifications.

2. Do you allow if the participant is absent for the courses sometimes due to his/her mission outside Thailand?
As per our current policy, students need to attend class regularly. However, in special cases, students may seek approval from the instructors. Some extra works may be assigned for the students.

3. Can you clarify about "the courses will be offered in seminar mode or in modular form"?
Seminar mode is a method of participative learning that the students will not only listen to the lecture in class, but they need to study before class and share their ideas/thought to others; and make presentations on topics assigned by the instructors.

Modular form is a way to schedule classes. Normally, courses are scheduled all together on weekly basis throughout the semester. So, students have to study 3-4 courses for the entire semester period (15 weeks). For modular form, students will study and complete only 1-2 courses at a time and then continue with other courses until they complete all the courses.

4. How do you evaluate the participants for the courses? Are there examinations for the courses? What's type of the examinations? Will be closed examinations?
It depends on each course and each faculty member. However, the Dean encourages all faculty members to use multiple criteria for grading to accommodate students from different background and promote participative learning approach both in class and outside. Also, comprehensive cases will be used in teaching so that students could integrate their learning from the courses.

5. Regarding the entry requirements, do you request a minimum GPA from the master study of the applicant?
The candidate's work experience will help to build up the candidate's competency and skills in management. However, the DBA candidates need to get the minimum GPA of 3.50 in order to graduate and get AIT-doctorate degree.

6. Do you have full or partial scholarship?
As the program is designed for senior executives, we do not provide any scholarship for the candidates. Candidates who need some financial assistance are recommended to apply for our regular PhD program instead.

7. Do you have on line study program for DBA students?
Not right now. We would like to maintain our high level of academic quality and promote our in-class interactive/participative learning. Online interaction maybe a part of correspondence between students and faculty members, but not the main methodology.

8. What are the differences between DBA and PhD programs?
Ph.D Program
DBA Program
Open to teachers or academically-oriented persons. Open to experienced managers.
Entry qualifications: Masters degree from different disciplines. Preferably Teaching experience. Entry qualifications: MBA or EMBA. Other Masters degree subject to the completion of specified MBA-level required courses. Managerial experience.
Research embedded in robust theories in the field of social sciences or humanities. Research embedded in the world of practices.

9. Is the program available for part-time study, isn't it?
The program is designed for working senior executives who have some years of work experience and get some support from his/her organization in terms of research work or financial funding. The candidates will have to take 24 credits of coursework for one year or longer (if they do not have management background). The coursework will be offered in the evening of weekdays or on Saturday.

10. Is there any flexibility for the working requirement (more than 10 years' work experience and at least 3 years in senior manager)? If a candidate meets only one of these criteria, will it be possible to get admission to the program?
The required work experience is the condition to entry the program. However, the admission committee will consider candidates' profiles on a case-by-case basis.


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