The program will provide an opportunity to practicing managers to investigate the ongoing practices of the Asian companies and develop new contextual theories, or theories that will complement those built around the practices of the Western companies. There are several companies in Asia which have excellent performance and have deviated from established practices in the West. Hence, they provide excellent opportunity for research and developing new management paradigms or theories entrenched in Asian practices.

  • Interdisciplinary Perspective:The DBA curriculum is designed based on the needs and preferences of industry experts. It is interdisciplinary, integrative and adopts a holistic approach. The required course work is structured into three perspectives: Research Methodology, Knowledge Building and Research Specialization including Thesis writing component.
  • Multinational Faculty:The intellectual atmosphere at SOM is characterized by the diversity and flexibility of the faculty. The faculty represents a wide range of management concerns and research interests. A key element of SOM is a body of faculty that excels both in research and in teaching and particularly, executive education. In addition, most have had extensive experience in industry and/or consultancy. They balance theoretical and practical concerns in both their teaching and research. A highly qualified and experienced faculty from 12 countries facilitates the student learning and provides a real multi-cultural approach to management education.
  • Education Environment:SOM provides individuals with a supportive environment in which they can develop their skills and aptitudes, helping them to reach their professional goals and to serve the interests of countries in the Asia-Pacific region. There is an international approach to management education with SOM's faculty having extensive experience in Asia and the rest of the world. Courses and their contents are adapted to the needs of managers who will be operating in Asia and other parts of the World.

DBA: Synergy & Opportunities:

  • Opportunity for SOM to differentiate itself from other business schools in Asia.
  • SOMís existing Ph.D. program and proposed DBA program will complement each other.
  • Ph. D. program focuses on research works embedded in theories from social sciences and humanities, and prepares students for teaching and research-related jobs.
  • DBA is a professional doctorate program, where the research is rooted in the context of professional practice making a significant contribution to management practice, policy or strategy.
  • Two programs have different segmentation and cater to research context of each segment. Both programs are of equal value and quality aiming at different target groups. Both involve the development of substantial standard research work

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